About Us


In 2013, Amy and Brook, a dynamic mother-daughter duo, found themselves with an overflowing closet and a desire for a swift solution. Opting to bypass the costs associated with other selling platforms, they took matters into their own hands by creating a Facebook page to showcase and sell their clothing. Initially uncertain about the success of this venture, little did they realize that once they initiated online auctions, customers would become hooked. As demand grew, the duo expanded their services to include selling items for others. After six months of managing shipping logistics and local pickups, the decision was made to establish a physical storefront in July 2013. With Brook expecting a baby, this leap of faith marked the beginning of a new chapter.

Fast forward to 2024, their growth has been phenomenal, thanks to the unwavering support of their community. Beyond merely selling items, they've ventured into creating and curating their own clothing line, Jamby Styles, having successfully sold over 100,000 pieces of clothing. They are delighted to welcome you to their community. So, take a seat and stay awhile. Let them be your go-to destination for clothing and accessories.